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Men were the back bone of the plantation!!!!!
It’s a myth.

        All workers were valuable on the plantation. Each human being was a means of gaining capital for the planter, a factor of production. Women worked as hard as men on the plantation. They did all the same jobs, were treated the same way and were tired of the system just the same.

       This website shows the strengths of women in the British West Indies on the plantations. The ordeals they went through and how they were against the system in which they were forced in. Its an insight on the role of women in a society that was stated to be dominated by men. Women in the plantation economy were leaders, the fighting force and the creators of change. This website give a scholarly view into the unwillingness of women to accept the situation they were in and how they helped shaped the history of the British West Indies.

In slavery, records show more men were shipped to the Caribbean as compared to women.

Total enslaved shipped to Barbados (1673-1723)

Total Men: 15959                          Total Women:10623

These figures were taken from the Royal African Company for Slave Shipped to Barbados. And in most other Islands the ratio of men to women were about the same as Barbados, men were brought in larger quantities than women.


Later women began to out number men due to the fact that they lived longer. Women became the major work force on the plantation. The life expectancy allowed women to be better laborers and emphasized their worth to a planter and his estate.

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